Wednesday, 1 July 2015

UK passport interview Questions

According to Gov.UK,
“You’ll be asked to confirm facts about yourself that someone trying to steal your identity may not know.
Her Majesty’s Passport Office destroys any personal information used in the interview shortly after the passport is issued.”
It is more like a friendly talk than interrogation. You can relax and talk to them.

Personal Details

1.      Signature on electronic pad to match from application.
2.      Spell your full name and date of birth
3.      Where were you born?
4.      Have you been known by other names?
5.      What is your telephone number?
6.      What is your email address?

Your living Location and Accommodation

1.      What is your full address including post code? When did you move in?
2.      What is your previous address?
3.      How did you get here (your home to passport office)?
4.      How did you send your application and what supporting documents you sent it (mention photos and passports as well)?
5.      Did you use check and send services and Which Post office and how did you paid for it (if used PCS)?
6.      Do I own the house you stay?
7.      Do you have a mortgage? With what bank (if owns house)?
8.      What is Landlord or/and estate agent name (if renting)?
9.      Is your house detached or semi-detached, Describe your House landscape?
10. How many bedrooms?
11. Do you have garden at back and front
12. Why are you interesting to live in this area?

Financial backgrounds – possibly from soft credit check

1.      How many bank accounts you have?
2.      How many credit cards you have?
3.      DO you have any Direct Debit/ any monthly payments from your account?
4.      Who is your Broadband/Telephone/Gas/ Electricity Provider?


1.      Who stays with you? Their names and (possibly) D.O.B
2.      Are you married, divorced, single etc.?
3.      Do you have children? If so how many?
4.      How old are your kids?
5.      Does your Husband/ wife / children live with you in same address?
6.      What does your Wife/Husband do?
7.      How long we've been married?
8.      When and where did you take your naturalisation ceremony? Where? Public /private?
9.      Your counter signatory name, how long do i know him/her, where he/she works?
10. Do your children go to school?
11. What is the name of the school? How far is it? How do you go to school?


1.      When did you come first to UK (Arrival Date?)
2.      Why did you come first to UK?
3.      DO you drive? What model and what is registration number?
4.      What do you do for living?
5.      How do you get to work from home?

Possible questions

1.      Your parents name and their date of birth and where they live
2.      How many sisters and brothers you have along? How many kids they have and where they live?
3.      What your friend’s names?
4.      What are your hobbies?
5.      When I attained PR
6.      When I applied to naturalise

7.      What is the band of your council tax / how much you pay for Council Tax?